Ms. Brighton

Erotic Trance
Shrinking fetish
Body worship
Sploshing and food play
Anything you don’t see listed please ask!

Ms. Brighton’s Audio Erotica

Sometimes you can’t do a sensual teasing phone sex session, but you still have a need for an erotic release, which is why audio erotica is so good. And That’s where custom phone sex audios come into play, because not only do you have the privacy and discretion of listening to a naughty phone sex audio, but you can have a custom audio erotica created for you and only you, to suit your tastes.



Sensual Teasing Phone Sex Audios

I love to create audio erotica, and giggle at the idea of you with your ear buds in, hearing my voice instructing you to do filthy naughty things. For instance, if you wanted a sploshing phone sex custom audio, it would be my voice whispering in your ear, telling you to fuck a jar of peanut butter. But I don’t just do one type of custom erotic audio, so there’s more to Mistress Brighton than just sensual teasing. I am known for humiliation and debauchery, after all.


Custom Erotic Audio Specialties

In addition to sensual tease femdom, I cater to sploshing and food play as well. So if you couldn’t call but you really wanted Miss Brighton to tell you to sit on a cake and wiggle, you can send me your deepest darkest food fetish desires – preferably with a script of your design – and I will do the rest. Food play not really your thing? Let’s have a chat about humiliation and joi. I love making humiliating custom ringtones that you can use on your phone – if you dare, and be red faced and hard every time you get a call and are greeted by my maniacal laughter. And I can also tell you how to stroke, with guided joi custom erotic audios.


Witchcraft And Erotic Trance

So, does Miss Brighton dance naked by the light of the moon once a month, and fly around on a broomstick? Maybe, maybe not. I’ll never tell. What I can tell you is that if you have a more sinister kink for witchcraft, blasphemy and the occult, I can make you do things with your voice, that would make your Sunday preacher blush and remember he’s got a dick. That, and I love a good mindfucking. What better way to have a sensual tease Mistress inside your head, than by having her put you under an erotic meditation spell that leaves you horny and blank? You won’t remember what you did, the next day, but your cock will sure have a good time! You might also wake up a bimbofied wearing panties, but we can talk about that later.


Miss Brighton’s Other Specialties

If you have ever done a sensual tease phone sex call with me, you already know I can pretty well cover the bases of humiliation, cock control, and tease and denial. I have many other specialties- possibly too many to name here, like body worship, shrinking and giantess fetish, feminization, sissy transformation, story telling, and my favorite: Cuckolding. So now that you know what you can find in Mistress Brighton’s little shop of kinky custom audio erotica, why not place an order for the custom erotic phone sex audio of your wildest fantasies? Think you can handle playing my naughty phone sex audios in public without blushing? Let’s find out. If you have an inquiry regarding something you don’t see listed here, don’t hesitate to email me at for your custom erotic audio inquiries.