Cuckold Erotic Audio Artisans Bring Your Dreams to Life!

by Goddess Rachel of

Goddess Rachel for Cuckold Custom Audios and Fantasies! 1-800-356-6169Wouldn’t it be great if all you had to do to become a cuckold is ask your wife, or put a cuckold bull in her path, and let nature take its course? Though your wife may never see the light, through a custom cuckold audio, you can experience satisfaction!

We both know that just because your wife may not want to sleep with you anymore, it doesn’t mean she wants to sleep with someone else. The best thing about a well-crafted cuckold audio story, however, is that it can help a yearning cuckold live out his dreams in the next best possible way–virtually!

Imagine what it would be like to press play, and be swept away into a world of erotic humiliation. Believe Me, W/e understand your dreams, and are capable of making them all but reality.


What’s your cuckold fantasy?

Perhaps it involves convincing your reluctant wife to fuck other men. Perhaps the premise is the woman of your dreams throwing you over for a virile, strapping, big-dicked stud. Is he just someone who can give her all the things you can’t in bed? Or is your fantasy wife-fucker in authority over you already in life outside the bedroom? Would it be even more humiliating and satisfying if he were your subordinate at work, but the master of your household?

Maybe your main thrill is never knowing for sure that your wife or girlfriend is cheating on you. Cuckold audios that only hint at it–a mindfuck, so to speak–may be what you seek. Maybe your fantasy involves more than just your wife fucking other men. Do you fantasize, too, about deepening your emasculation through coerced feminization? Chastity?

The point is, no matter what the elements of your cuckold fantasy, We can construct a world from it. The only tools necessary to build that world are O/ur collective imagination, and the seductive or commanding or friendly or humiliating voice of the Mistress of your choice!


Cuckold erotic audio brings your cuckold dreams to life!

Discover the creative talent We Mistresses bring to bear in translating your wildest cuckold dreams into the perfect custom audio for you! Sissy cuckold audios, hotwife fantasy audios, cuckold fluffing, cuckold creampie cleanup–if you can imagine it, We can weave the dream!

Could this be true, you might be asking yourself?

It is true. You may need careful consultation with a Mistress which enables Her to write the perfect script. Or, perhaps you know just what words you want to hear Her scintillating voice intone. In that case, you’re welcome to write the script yourself. Be specific about essentials, open in your discernment, and patient with the execution (though it shouldn’t take long). Before you know it, you’ll slip on your head phones and be transported, aroused, and possibly amazed!

That’s when you know that We are not just any group of erotic artisans. You will hear that We don’t treat your fantasy like just another fantasy. We strive to make it particular to you, and the nuances of your tastes.


Does this sound like something you never knew you needed?

I understand. We have many happy nascent cuckold clients who can attest to how pleasantly surprised they were at what We managed to create for them.

Would you like to be next?

Let Me walk you through the process.

First, choose the right Mistress for you. This starts with Her profile here on Read profiles, listen to voice samples, and of course, look at Her photo gallery. Particularly if you want to imagine Her as your cuckoldress. Strictly speaking, We rely, and cater to those who rely, on the power of the imagination rather than eye candy. But We realize that men are visual creatures. If your cuckold audio story involves Mistress Herself cuckolding you, you’ll want to be able to picture Her doing and saying the things that make you tingle in your underwhelming netherparts!

Next, you might want to use the link on Her bio to visit Her blog. Once there, you can use the search feature to see what else She’s written about cuckolding. It’s a great way to get a sense both for the scope of Her imagination, and Her personality. These will both give you some indication of what She will bring to your custom erotic audio.

Also, She is likely to have a page where She accumulates links to some of the free audios She’s done. This can serve to provide more aural information to help you decide whether She’s the right one for you.


Contact your cuckold erotic audio artist.

Once you’ve settled on the Mistress whose artistry you desire, simply contact Her via E-mail to make sure that She is ready, willing, and able to bring your cuckold vision to fruition. The two of you will discuss logistics, like whether or not you’d like to write the script, confirm cost, and estimated turnaround time. Then, you make your purchase, and wait.

Waiting patiently is good practice for a cuckold. Just as you’d wait like a good boy for your wife to return from a date with her big dong boyfriend. And just as you might be rewarded with sloppy seconds or tales of Her deep-dicked satisfaction while She gives you a disinterested hand job, you will be rewarded with an electrifying audio experience at the end of this process, too.


Mistress, that seems like a lot of work.

Here’s another way to think about it: You certainly don’t have to do all of that “legwork” to select the right Mistress. You can simply go off of your instincts, and pay for an audio sight unseen. But most Mistresses have areas of expertise, as well as specific sexual personalities. Some, therefore, may be better suited to your custom audio than others. Don’t get Me wrong; Any Mistress will do Her best with any subject matter. If you’re prepared to simply roll the dice, you are welcome to do so.

You can also contact Her by E-mail without looking at blog posts, listening to other audios, or following any other suggestions listed above. Truth be told, this is probably the method by which most custom erotic audio arrangements are made. Perhaps you’ve also had a session with a certain Mistress, and feel you know all you need to about Her style and ability to interface with your kinks. Perhaps you haven’t had a session with Her, but would like to, before you arrange for an audio. A reconnaissance mission of sorts. You’re welcome to do that, too. Frankly, I think it’s an excellent idea.

The point is, you can to pursue the creation of your erotic audio any way you like. But this is a premium service, and a not-inexpensive luxury (depending on your budget). The first advice, therefore, is going to be geared toward optimizing the opportunity for you to get exactly what you crave. The intention is to provide you the best guidance for making your investment worthwhile.


Now Mistress, about that price tag . . .

A word to the wise: You get what you pay for.

I’ll be honest with you, cuckie. I don’t particularly like to discuss money. I find it tacky. Besides, every committed cuckold knows that since he can’t take care of his wife’s physical needs properly, he should at least be willing and able to buy her nice gifts. Stretching yourself to afford a luxury like this is good practice.

What it all boils down to is that at some point in the process of arranging for your custom audio, cost will have to be discussed, and My feeling is that you should decide right now that you’re willing to afford it. And the good news is, you only have to afford it once, while you get to listen to it over and over and over again.

Pretend you’re saving up for that pair of Louboutins your girlfriend said would earn you sloppy seconds, or release from your chastity device. It’s pretty obvious when you think about it. Right?


Now you’re ready to begin your browsing.

No, silly. Not the big cock blogs. There’s plenty of time to ogle the selection of cocks you’d like to see plunging in and out of your lifepartner’s vagina. I meant, of course, browse the Mistress bios here at! Let’s find out which Mistress makes you tingle in all the right places when you imagine Her giving voice to your cuckold fantasies, or cuckolding you Herself. Which Mistress displays the enthusiasm, level of attention to detail, and the promise of elegant perversion that calls to you?

Listen to those voice samples. Close your eyes and think of that voice, saying out loud all the things you find it hard to even say inside your own head. Read the blogs. Listen to the audios. Hell, perhaps have a session or two. The bottom line is, any Mistress you choose is going to bring all of Her artistry to your very own cuckold secrets. And the fact is, you won’t know how much you need a cuckold custom audio until you have one.

Are you ready?