So you’ve heard about the ebony femdom’s custom adult audio store, but you’ve been afraid to chirp in my direction, because you also read my blog and find me intimidating. All you need to do is approach this Black Mistress respectfully, and we won’t have any problems. But let’s talk more about what you get, when you purchase a custom adult audio from Duchess Willow, because that is why you’re reading this page right now.


Ebony Femdom Custom Adult Audio

I’ve been told my presence is overawing and to some – threatening. Before I even open my mouth, people can feel that they are in the company of a soul wise beyond H.E.R. years. That’s been my experience my entire life. Because I refuse to make myself small, for others to feel big. What this means for you, is that when I do open my mouth and speak, if you thought my presence would overwhelm you, my voice will subjugate you so quickly you won’t see it coming. The voice? Sultry, with a slight bass, and very seductive. That’s the voice you will hear commanding your senses, when you receive your first taste, of ebony femdom phone sex audios.


Ebony Femdom Esoterica

I speak on my experiences, and I speak with intellect and emotion that most would cower at. Most importantly, I speak from the heart and I own my truth. There are many things I know. Some I may share with you, some I may not. What I will share with you, is the reason you find me so irresistibly attractive, and frightening at the same time. Women are by our very nature, sublime and ethereal beings. Black women, however, possess a spirit that requires careful treading, if you wish to keep your manhood, and your sanity. That ancient wisdom comes across in all aspects of my experience, including phone sex, and the programming of the mind. Your mind. The first thing you need to accept, is that as you read this, you already belong to me, and once you have my voice inside you, you will quickly find it is an addiction.


Custom Adult Audio From Duchess Willow

It’s alright, I’m used to it. My influence can uplift men, or make them lose their minds; nourish, or destroy. Some is decided by a higher power than my own, as it is a natural effect. What this all means, is that if you find yourself drawn into the void of black female dominance, its effect will linger long after the erotic audio stops playing. And it is my wish to not simply own you, but to possess you completely with my words, my voice, and my unyielding power. That’s your ebony femdom disclaimer, for entering into the H.E.R. program. It does not matter what your fetish is, as far as I’m concerned, the end result will always be the same.


The Experience Of A Black Queen Breathing Life Into Your Kink

That sublime energy carries over into digital entertainment. If you want mind control, sissy control, or pussy control. My erotic audios will have you speaking in tongues, regardless of what your fetish is. I specialize in feminization, gooning masturbation training, ebony femdom cuckolding, and erotic trance. Sometimes I like to magically grow a dick and fuck you with it.. sometimes I grow to the size of a giantess and use you, to fuck myself with. The type of custom adult audio you get, depends on what you are looking for. Storytelling, life coaching, or mindfucking, the choice is yours. So place your arousal and pleasure in skilled hands. Call Duchess Willow, at 1-800-601-6975 and email me for custom adult audio inquiries, at willow@enchantrixempire.com to create a mind blowing erotic audio experience, detailed to your specifications. Please do not fear The Duchess, my bite is the sweetest bliss you will ever experience.