Custom Giantess Audio Erotica

Would you like me to record a giantess audio; just for you? Have you been listening to other GTS (giant tiny sex) audios but they just weren’t exactly what you were looking for? I know what’s been missing for you; it’s that personal ‘touch’! Imagine yourself downloading your own giantess audio story and actually hearing every tiny detail that you’ve been fantasizing about! Your vision – come to life!

What if I included your name? The exact color shoe that you want to hide in (if you’re into a giantess foot audio)? A description of your exact size in comparison to mine? All of the nuances and perfect descriptions that you’ve been craving? I can do that for you. I can make that for you! You can order your own personalized adult erotic audio and have something catered to you and to your exact specifications; for your unique listening pleasures.


Your Shrinking Audio Fantasy + My Voice

Giantess Audio by Scarlet - Erotic Audios .comI have been creating giantess audios for years. This fetish isn’t new to me; but your originality will be! No two are alike and I know you have so many ideas about what you’d love to hear. An erotic fairytale, a story from a movie or a book, a blend of thoughts and make-believe fantasies! I know how to tell a macrophilia story; it doesn’t always have to be sexual either.

I can perform as a flesh hungry giantess or a sky scraper sized, loving peace keeper! You can be hiding in a bushel of pumpkins as you hear me approach or I could accidentally find a tiny borrower floating in my bowl of cheerios! Are you about to be trampled by enormous feet or will you be an insignificant foot worshiper? Do I have a ray gun, a potion passed down through generations or even a growth fantasy spell to make me a collosus or a shrinking fantasy that will make you into a miniature male? Have you found yourself on Giantess Island and are now enslaved by amazon beauties?

No matter your imagination; I can make it happen! You will hear only my articulation, my inflection, my tone, my expression as I follow your specific instructions for making your custom shrinking audio. Allow me to give a voice to everything you’ve been dreaming about.


How to Order Your Giantess Audio

The most important thing to know is that I make audios on a regular basis. This is part of my weekly, or sometimes daily, schedule. You will not have to wait a considerable time for your giantess audio. The first step is to contact me through email at (or find me on Skype- thescarletmistress) with your first thoughts about your audio.

Think about what you really want to hear coming through those headphones. You can send me a written script, a Giantess Audio by Scarlet thescarletmistress.comlink to something online or an attached document. The more that you can tell me about your audio; the better it will be!

Do you have a certain ‘trigger word’ that you love to hear? Do you like a mocking, sweet, sassy, matter-of-fact voice? What do you think about empowered laughter, giggling or sighing? These can all be included for you! Send your ideas over to me; I’ll look them over and will write you back with my thoughts and a time frame for creation and delivery. If you don’t have a story or a script but want to describe the type of fantasy you have; I can write a script for you. You can find pricing here. I’ll let you know how many minutes it will be so that you can make payment on the erotic audios website.

Once we’ve agreed and you’ve made payment; I’ll start to record your giantess audio story! I’ll edit it, name it, prepare it for you to download and then email you a download link when it’s perfected! My turnaround time is usually less than 48 hours.


Want Something Right Now? (Pre-Recorded)

If you want to listen to a Giantess Audio right now – you’re in luck! There’s an entire shrinking fetish section on the the Enchantrix Audio Store! These are pre-recorded shrinking cock audios, giantess feet audios and even creative captured audios! I would love to recommend Squished After A Walk and Giant Detention!

Just purchase the fetish erotic audio once, download it, and listen to it as many times as you’d like – it’s yours forever. Whether you decide to order your own custom Giantess Audio or you purchase a pre-recorded one (or both!); you are certainly going to enjoy this little escape! And remember; you can chat with a giantess in a sexy texting/live chat session on skype or make a live call to explore shrinking phone sex!