Heat Things Up With a Customized JOI Audio

by Ms. Erika of www.intelligentphonefantasy.com

Customized JOI Audio Mistress Erika (800) 601-6975Considering an erotic JOI audio? JOI or Jerk-off instruction sessions are very popular on phone sessions. A sexy woman telling you how to touch, when to touch. Having her laser focus on your arousal and teasing you at her whim is very sexy!

But for any JOI session to be great there are a few things you should think about first. These same things will make sure your custom erotic audio experience is fantastic! We will talk about three things to keep in mind when considering your erotic audio.


JOI Style

As with phone sex sessions, there are many ways we can play. Some respond to a sensual style. Others may prefer a stricter tone and delivery. Knowing your style will help me craft your experience! If you are unsure about the answer, that’s OK! We can handle it one of two ways. A short voice session, giving you in person examples as we discuss your audio. Which delivery or tone resonates with you?

If your reason for ordering an audio is that voice calling is problematic for you, take time listening to voice samples of different styles. Which get you twitching? Know, also it is a common desire to start off sensual and as the tempo and eroticism increases it becomes a bit more demanding and dominating. Don’t hesitate to discuss your particulars!


Content Style For Your Erotic JOI Audio

Games and challenges

Are you into goal oriented masturbation and other games? Some are very goal oriented and like to incorporate that with their masturbation. Some men keep track of strokes it takes to orgasm, then add a few dozen each time, stroking to metronome is also a nice game to tease and frustrate you. Of course you’ll have our sexy tease to encourage you to keep to that beat. We even have a few games up our sleeves which just might surprise you! So what’s your pleasure ? Edging games where we increase the amount of edges over the course of play. Playing games of chance, like dice or cards, for strokes or orgasms. Or strokes AND orgasms!

JOI Fantasy

Sexy instructions are fantastic but have you ever tried to tie your JOI to a fantasy? We still use elements from above, sensual or strict, no reason we can’t include goals and games as well. Then taking those elements, weave them into an erotic fantasy. Wouldn’t it be sexy to use your work crush, how she seems to tease you with each bat of an eyelash, or wiggle of her tush. Where could this go when you combine a sexy mind of a Mistress and your seed of an idea?

The only limit is our imagination,feel free to share your ideas or provide a JOI audio script. You can also order a custom erotic audio giving full creative license using the few parameters we are discussing here, to give a direction, then sit back and relax, an erotic good time is coming up!


Length Of JOI Audio

The third thing you should consider is how long of an audio you are looking for! We offer a wide variety of options from as little as 5 minutes, and I’ve done up to a 90 minute saga! So how do you decide how long? here are some things to consider:

  • How long do you usually like to masturbate?
  • Is this your first audio?
  • Are you pushing boundaries on edging or strokes?
  • What is your budget?

Once you have an idea on the above, then that’s where we start for the length of the audio! If this is the first time ordering erotic jerk-off instructions then start off with a shorter audio, then when you know you enjoy it you can order a longer audio down the line.


Benefits Of Your Custom Erotic Audio

The audio is custom for YOU! Some “off the shelf” audios are fantastic and do the “trick” but how much hotter is it when I actually say YOUR name. Speaking directly to you! Very hot, isn’t it!

Unlike a live session, which I know you relive in your mind for days, you can listen at any time and any place that affords you that privacy! Actually live sessions are problematic for some so with the right mindset we could do sessions via audio only!

Task and assignment training based audios are fantastic if you are engaged with any kind of training with a Mistress. Just ask her how!


To Recap: Getting The Most Out Of Your Erotic Audio Experience

1- What style you are looking for
2- An Idea about the content you are interested in
3- How long of an audio are you considering

See, it is as easy as 1-2-3!

So reach out to your erotic audio artist today and start that audio journey!

Mistress Erika
Intelligent Phone Fantasy