Free Erotic Audios

Here are some FREE erotic audios for you to enjoy. If you like these audios and would like to have your very own customized erotic audio tailored just for you, check out the Erotic Audio Mistress profiles, email the Mistress you would like to record your audio, and when she quotes you the price, go to the personalized erotic audios purchase page to purchase your audio.


Listen to Ms. Amber’s Erotic Audios


Listen to Ms. Brighton’s Erotic Audios


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Why You Need Your Very Own Custom Erotic Audios

While these FREE erotic audios are certainly quite enjoyable, wouldn’t it be nice to have a custom erotic audio that was made just for you? There’s nothing quite like hearing a sexy Mistress weave your favorite fantasy for you and calling you by name while she’s doing it. If you’ve never had a custom erotic audio, you just don’t know what you’re missing!


Custom Erotic Audios for Every Fetish

You may think your fetish or kink is so specific it would be difficult to make a custom erotic audio to do it justice. That’s just not the case, though. Many Custom Erotic Audios Mistresses include sound effects, different voices, and all sorts of other special effects to really bring your fantasy to life.

If you are unsure whether or not what you’re looking for can be done, simply email the Mistress you’d like to have create your audio, let her know what you are looking for, and ask if it’s possible for her to do that.


Shop Pre-Made Erotic Audios Ready for Purchase

If you’d like a specialty erotic audio but don’t want to wait, head on over to Enchantrix Audios and check out the large selection of erotic audios on a wide variety of topics.


Like These FREE Erotic Audios?

If you are enjoying these FREE erotic audios and would like to hear more of them, check out the Audios page on the blogs of each of the Mistresses.