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To order your custom erotic audio, contact the erotic audios Mistress of your choice via email with your script or ideas for a script. Once a price has been determined please go to our BUY NOW page and pay for your custom audio.

Custom Erotic Audio Stories from Erotic Audios dot comPRICING

If you provide the script, and we read it:

5 minutes or less: $40 6 to 10 minutes: $60 11 to 15 minutes: $80 16-30 minutes: $150

Over 30 minutes: Email us for custom pricing.

If you want us to write the script and record the erotic audio for you, there will be a $20 writing charge on top of the prices above, for audios up to 10 minutes.

Please inquire for longer scripts.

Custom Erotic Audio Stories

The Erotic Audios Mistresses listed on this site love creating personalized erotic audio sories just for you! Whatever your fetish or fantasy, you’re sure to find a Mistress who would love to record a sexy mp3 audio just the way you like it.  You can write your own script and send it to her for approval and estimated cost or you can tell her a bit about what you are looking for and she can spin a custom erotic audio story sure to make you surge with excitement!

There are so many possibilities for the types of sexy audios you can purchase, too.  She could create sexy erotic audio stories for you with her storytelling skills, she can create a role-play audio for you, leaving space for your responses after her commands, she can create assignment audios for you, etc..  They type of personalized erotic audio you choose is totally up to you and you are only limited by your imagination and the imagination of your custom erotic audios Mistress.


Personalized Erotic Audios Are A Fun Way to Enjoy Your Fantasy When You Aren’t Able to Call

We know you love calling our elite phone sex service but maybe you’re not able to call as often as you would like.  Listening to personalized erotic audios created just for you by your favorite Mistress or Mistresses is the perfect way to enjoy your fantasy in between calls.  Custom erotic audio stories are also a good way to try out a new fantasy that might be embarrassing to role-play on the phone at first.

It’s much easier and less embarrassing to send in a script or to ask a phone sex audios Mistress to create a script for you surrounding your fantasy than to actually have to explain it to her, out loud, on a call.  This helps you get more comfortable with your fantasy so the next time you call, it won’t be so difficult to dive right into your erotic fantasy.


Audio Erotica, Audio Porn, Sexy Audio Stories, and More

The list of topics you can choose to have turned into audios is practically endless.  Teasing audio erotica is a specialty here at but certainly not our only specialty.  Each erotic audios Mistress has her own list of specialties and puts her own spin on whatever topic she is recording.

Make sure to check the bio for each erotic audios Mistress to find the one whose voice you enjoy the most. If you don’t see your particular fetish listed on her profile, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t record audios for that fetish.  Email her and ask if she’d be interested in recording an audio on your scenario.

Another fun and exciting thing to do is to have several Mistresses create custom erotic audio stories for you on the same fetish and see how differently they each spin the scenario.  This helps keep things interesting and fun while giving you a variety of masturbation fodder when you aren’t able to make a phone sex call.


Listen to Your Custom Erotic Audio Anywhere, Anytime!

One of the fun things about having a variety of personalized erotic audios and custom audio stories to listen to is that you can listen to them no matter what you are doing.  Listen in the car (provided nobody else is in there with you), listen with headphones while you’re working out (they’ll just think you’re listening to your favorite music), while you’re at work and just about anywhere else you want to feel naughty.

Of course, the obvious thing to do would be to listen to your erotic mp3 audio while masturbating or edging and that’s certainly exciting, but think of all the other sneaky ways you could be naughty without anybody else having a clue. Listen to erotic audios while grocery shopping, at the library, even right next to your significant other! Talk about being naughty!

Purchase Your Custom Erotic Audio Today!  You know you want to.  What are you waiting for?

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