Tease and Denial/Orgasm Control
Seduced Bisexuality
Small Penis Humiliation
Anal Play

Fetish audio stories are a great way to indulge your kinks, and I take great pride in creating them. Whether you enlist Me to lend My vocal skills to a script you write yourself, or arrange to have Me lend My devious and creative brain, My writing skills, and My sultry voice to crafting a custom erotic audio, you’ll receive what I like to think is a piece of erotic art that you can enjoy over and over again.

Don’t be intimidated by the phrase “erotic art”. You don’t have to be an erotica connoisseur or at all highbrow to enjoy what I can offer you; I cater to a range of tastes, from the ridiculous to the sublime. All that’s required is that you and I first suss out together whether or not I am the best choice to craft your recording, and that I can accomplish what you seek given the budget you’ve allotted toward such a luxury. 

How does Miss Rachel determine whether or not She is the best choice to record Her clients’ fetish audio stories?

It’s fairly simple. As long as the erotic recording you desire involves legal activities, I’m likely to be game! I’ve even been known to facilitate fantasies through personalized erotic audio that I don’t facilitate over the phone. For example, in phone, Skype, and text sessions, I direct those interested in GFE or Giantess/shrinking fantasies to other Mistresses.

But I’m happy to indulge them via erotic sex audios!

Here’s how it’s done.

Get in touch via My E-mail, Rachel@enchantrixempire.com and provide:

  • a brief summary of the scenario or subject matter
  • how long you’d like it to be
  • whether or not you’d like to write the script yourself, and
  • what budget you’ve got to work with (scroll down for pricing). 

I’ll reply as soon as I can with any questions or concerns. Once those are ironed out, I’ll let you know how long I think it will take for delivery of your sexy mp3 audio. If all is well from there, simply make your arrangements, and I’ll get started! 

But maybe you want to know where My specialties lie.

I like to think I bring as much enthusiasm to a kink that may not be at the top of My favorites list as I would to those that feature in My personal spank bank. I’m often aroused by proxy, envisioning just how excited you’ll get while you enjoy My personal take on your kinky vision.

I understand, however, that it may offer some of you just that much more titillation to know that the subject matter which arouses you, also arouses Me. Some of you may hope the warmth and moisture that invariably engulfs My pussy while I record your sexy audio stories, is inspired by the fact that I share your tastes.

Fair enough!  *smile*

I most love crafting and recording fetish audio stories that involve:

  • Tease and Denial/Orgasm Control/Chastity/Edging
  • Coerced or Seduced Bisexuality
  • Strap-on Play/Anal Play/Prostate Masturbation
  • Cuckolding
  • Humiliation of all kinds

If you want to get an even better sense of the Femdom sensibilities I’ll bring to your adult audio erotica, feel free to visit My personal blog! If you want an aural sample of just what kind of devious mind I’ll bring to the endeavor, be sure to check out the page with some of My free erotic audios (scroll down)!

Well, what are you waiting for?

Every minute you wait is another minute until you can hear My sultry tone weaving your personal kinky audio world.

And I can’t wait to hear just what that is!