CLAIRE: Your Personalized Erotic Audio Mistress

With any luck, you’re reading this because you love my SassyClassyPhoneSex blog, our cock-melting phone sex calls, or my sexy podcast. So perhaps you already have an inkling that I am the right mix of everything you want for your personalized erotic audio? I hope so, because I want you to enjoy the hell out of anything I create for you!

I’m pretty sure we both know that when it comes to sexuality and kink, it’s a very individual, very specific thing. That’s why getting the right voice with the right attitude to record your favorite phrases or spin out your fantasy is so important. So when you contact me about doing one for you, just know that I’m very flattered that you consider me right mistress for your kinky mp3 🙂

Size Matters!

Not so much size as length, heh, but when it comes to kinky audios, they’re the same thing. Anyway, the point here is that I’m not a prolific producer of sexy recordings. I only enjoy making them when you provide a script – even moreso when you mark that up with any emphasis you would enjoy. I also have a maximum length that I will work with – about 3500 words. I find any longer than that kind of daunting, and I want us both to have a terrific experience putting together the perfect sexy mp3 for your aural pleasure!

How To Get Your Personalized Erotic Audio From Me

  • Before commissioning a sexy mp3, drop me a an email,, to see if I’m available to do the recording in my usual timeframe (3 days or less).
  • If we’ve never spoken before, a short call to make sure we’re on the same page would be a good idea, though not required.
  • Then, assuming it’s all good, you’ll purchase your audio.
  • Send me your script to review, and within 3 days, you will have your custom sexy audio ready to enjoy (naked)!

What Kind of Audios You Can Request

Of course your audio will be specific to your fetish, your hot buttons and my voice capabilities (I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, so singing is not an option lol) – but think outside the box a little. For example, many people both on the phone and off find my voice very soothing…so perhaps you’d like a nice, soft recording to lull you to sleep with your secret desires gently woven into my words (the pretty panties you’re wearing, your submissive position lying across my feet, etc). How about mantras and affirmations where you listen and repeat? And I would definitely be interested in your kink-friendly guided meditation script.

Can’t Wait To Hear My Voice?

You’ll find a few special recordings from me over in the Enchantrix Audio store, perhaps you’ll find something there to hold you over until your custom sexy mp3 is ready. You can also download my free Girlfriend Experience podcast with Ms Kellie, or listen in on my 2019 Mistress After Hours interview with Ms Kay Marie. That should keep your mind – and maybe your hands! – busy until your special recording arrives!