Important: Please contact the Personalized Erotic Audios Mistress of your choice before ordering, to confirm that she will be available to fulfill your request



If you provide the script, and we read it:

Over 30 minutes: Email us for custom pricing

If you want us to write the script and record the audio for you, there will be a $20 writing charge on top of the prices above, for audios up to 10 minutes.

Please inquire for longer scripts.

Personalized Erotic Audios: The Safest Way for Kinky Play

Personalized erotic audios from the erotic audio fantasy artists of LDW Group can allow you to enjoy your favorite fetishes and hidden desires with the utmost privacy and discretion. It might feel as though you’re the only one out here searching for audio jerk off instruction, erotic sex stories, and femdom recordings. However, everyone has a naughty, creative mind and finds themselves in need of an outlet for enjoying the things that make them feel good. If you have concerns about your privacy and safety, rest assured that a custom audio recording is a perfect indulgence for you!


It’s Our Little Secret

Let’s face it, there could be plenty of reasons why you’re about to purchase an erotic audio. You might not be ready to make femdom play a regular part of your daily life. For example, if you’re married or living with your girlfriend, she might not approve of you spending the day in panties, borrowing her makeup, and reciting sissy affirmations. It’s hot to imagine what would happen if she walked in on you, prancing around in her lingerie and enjoy a moment of feeling femme! In reality, you might not be ready to cross that bridge and make feminization a part of your relationship.

Perhaps, you’re in a position of power–think police offer, clergyman, politician, partner at a law firm, or running your own business. Of course, you’re afraid of what your colleagues might think if they knew how much you love to suck cock. How you want to suck their cocks. What would happen if they knew that you’re in a cuckold relationship? Or, that you’ve noticed the bulge in their pants and wish you could bring them home to satisfy your wife’s lust for real men? A personalized erotic audio will let you keep your secrets while safely enjoying them.


Personalized Erotic Audios vs Phone Sex Calls

You may be asking yourself, “Why would I purchase an erotic audio when I can just call the phone sex Mistress of my choice?” Well, what if you’re not in a position to place a phone sex call? What if you can’t speak? What if you aren’t somewhere you can fumble around with your credit card and wait to be connected to a Mistress?

With a custom erotic audio, you have the freedom to fantasize no matter where you are. Privacy is no longer an issue. You don’t have to be alone to enjoy your favorite fetishes and fantasy play. If your housemates are across the apartment, put on a pair of headphones. Little do they know, you’re hard as a rock. Your mind is elsewhere. You are the star of your very own audio erotica tale. Are you stuck at the office? Tell your coworkers you have a conference call and don’t wish to be disturbed. Again, put on those headphones. Lean back in your chair. Let your favorite Mistress take you away with her sexy, soothing voice.

Sexy Audio Stories are an Investment

Furthermore, when you purchase personalized erotic audios, you’re paying for more than just a fleeting moment of pleasure. Enjoy your audio erotica over and over again. Maybe it’s hearing a particular word. Perhaps, there’s something about the way your Mistress says a certain word that pushes you over the edge. Or, it might just be that feeling of having let someone into your psyche, exposing your kinks and deepest desires, that makes you cum hard.

It’s true that phone sex sessions are hot and incredibly satisfying. Similarly, a visit to a real-time Mistress (though exhilarating) is incredibly risky; it can be tough to protect your safety and well-being. Whether writing your own script or trusting our fantasy artists to create the perfect audio sex stories to meet your needs, personalized erotic audios are the safest way to have some kinky fun.

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