Are you looking for a fun and sexy audio recording? You’re definitely in the right spot, then, because you’ve stumbled across an entire site full of talented and amazing women with spectacular voices, all poised to record an erotic audio sure to get a rise out of you. If you’re interested in a custom sexy audio to enjoy, or in an expansion of one of the completed audios, feel free to drop me an email (harper@enchantrixempire.com). But first, let me tell you a little bit about myself, and why you may want my particular sexy voice for your custom mistress audio!


I’m Harper, and I love to make sexy audio recordings for guys to enjoy.

Sexy Audio Recording by Harper 800 601 7259That’s right, I love making erotic audios and sexy erotic mp3s! I remember the first time I set out to blow someone’s socks off, metaphorically, with my voice talents; I set up my studio, and got down to work crafting the perfect script from his scenario, and then refining the audio until it sounded absolutely perfect. I sent it off to him, and waited for feedback (my favorite part, to be honest.) I suspect he took a little bit to recover after listening to his audio the first time, because his response was exactly everything I love about making dirty audios and erotic clips. To me, there is very little that can match the fun and joy of creating a bit of art that can bring a smile to a guy’s face (and a boner to his pants!)



Personalty matters when it comes to creating an erotic story mp3.

I’m college educated with two advanced degrees. I read over 600 words per minute, and have an eidetic memory. On vocabulary tests, I test at a higher vocabulary than 99% of the population. I’m interested in human sexuality and relationships, and run a sex education podcast called Whore School, because teaching people about sex is fun, and vital for a healthy and functioning society. I’m aggressively LGBT+ friendly, and love my trans sisters and gender non-binary peeps fiercely. I’m polyamorous and refuse to be tied down to only one lover. I’m sarcastic and quick witted, and I love word play and games. If I can find a way to work a sly pun into a sexy erotic audio, without detracting from the overall erotic vibe of course, I absolutely will.


What’s it like, working with Harper on an erotic story?

Well, I hope it’s fun and entertaining. It all starts with an email; your email to me, that is. Drop me an email to let me know you’re interested in a custom erotic audio, and, if you can, tell me a little bit about what you’d like to have in your dirty story. If you have a script, I can read that for you and get it back pronto! I will admit that I tend to auto-edit as I go to correct grammar and improve phrasing, so the story will flow better, so if you want me to read something as is, no changes, please let me know! The inner copy-editor is loud, but I can restrain myself, heroically. If you want me to write something for you, that’s a more lengthy process. I’ll need to know what you want and need to have in your erotic audio, and if you have particular key phrases that really work for you, do let me know so I can include them! I can either send you a draft of the written story to go over, or, if you trust me, I can write and then record, and you won’t know what you’re getting until you open the email from me!


I like a lot of give and take, and knowing what makes you tick will make your erotic audio even more hot, sexy, and fun.

Check out my catalog of audios for sale, and of course my podcast, so you can get a feel for my energy and vibe. I’m on Twitter, and the Enchantrix Empire, too, and I have a blog at Fetish Phone Sex Blog. I might seem unapproachable and a little scary, but I promise I’ll keep the claws sheathed unless you ask me to use ’em. Honest! If you’re looking for someone to record an erotic audio for you that’s smart, sexy, sarcastic, and who tries to be a good person no matter what, check me out.

Contact Harper for Sexy Audio Recordings Just For You!

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